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Cordyceps grows in the Qingzhang height and in the vicinity at 3500 m above sea level. Cordyceps has a existence, its food includes root and trunk of small plants in the highland. In its 2-year process of growth In the soil, it can stand without food in a long time. It has cold weather and thin oxygen resistance. Its contains nutrient and element that can typically form highland biota.
1. Cordyceps is a natural physical immunity controlling system which. The function of its immunity is divided into two. In addition to its capability of improving physical immunity in man. it can also provide immunity controlling system for man having excessive immunity.
2. Cordyceps is a natural substance having a high content of antibiotic concentration.
Cordyceps has a protective capability against various sickness carrying virus.
3. It has a restroactive power to minimize inflammation.
Its capability in solving inflammation can equal or event exceed hydroconized pine.
4. Cordyceps can enlarge blood vessel so blood supply To the heart and lungs is improved.
5. Cordyceps can minimize fatigue, solve oxygen deficiency, lower blood fat, improve body cells resistance agailst oxydation process and other effects of medicine.

With such much restroactive power, Cordyceps indeed is a product that can solve various types of physical fatigue and sickness in body organ. Cordyceps now has built its scientific base. A wide experience obtained from practice has proven that Cordyceps has three specific characteristics.
First the scope of its vast use.
Second is its real benefit as supplemental medicine.
Third, it doesn't have poisonous reaction.

These three points are outlined below in details:
1. To relieve various breathing systems against powerless cough, short-breath, asthma, cold sweat, fatigue and other symptom of lung disease.
2. This product also provides a real restroactive power as supplemental medicine to heal tuberculosis.
3. Based on the result of modern medical study, Cordyceps can enhance the capability of kidney structure cell mechanism, smoothen urine outflow, minimize and heal fine vessel disease and kidney bubbles, repair any defect caused by medicine consumption.
Minimhe chronic infection and high phosphor blood disease. It effectively cOntrols a worsen symptom of poisonous urine. It is also Ilse/,uljiJr the weak section, of waist, premature ejaculation, frequent night time urination, eak kidney and weak lungs.
4. For heart blood vessel, cordyceps can slowly but sure and continually improve the heart vessel blood flow, balance calcium substance and phosphorization.

It provides healing effect and a stable restoration. Cordyceps has a high restroactive power in minimizing thrombosite accumulation, with resistant power of some 13.3% - 48.5%, so it represents a bright.prospect in anti-blood freezing in the heart vessel.

Main Ingredients:
Cordyceps Fermented Mycelium Powder, Adenosine, Mammitol
Tianshi defend is a well-known anecdote of an active ingredient in Tiens Cordyceps. When Genghis Khan, the Mongol Conqueror and founder of the largest empire in history, first invaded Southwest China, the local cavalry defeated him - the troops and their horses were more powerful than those of the mighty Khan, Genghis Khan later discovered the reason for the strength and aggression of his enemy: a plant native to the area, known as Cordyceps Sinensis. Like ginseng and pilose antler, Cordyceps is one of the most precious, nourishing and revitalizing traditional Chinese herbs. It has been used for more than twelve hundred years. Owing to its scarcity and high price, Cordyceps had always been reserved exclusively for the emperors' indulgence; and until recently, it has been virtually unknown in the Western world.

Cordyceps is one of the rarest and treasured herbs. It can be found in isolated places of south –west china, especially in the provinces of Tibet, Sichuan ,Qinghai ,Guise, and Yunnan, in locations over 3500 to 6000 meters above sae level. Cordyceps is primarily collected wild that is usually very expensive and costs up to $1000 for 100 grams.

A rare species with unique characteristics. Actually, it is a combination of a plant and worm. The parasitic fungus coprdyceps sinesis, grows on the larvae of Hepialus aramoricanus. Over its 2 years underground life, it accumulates An abundant store of nutrients and special components essential for life at higher altitudes; there fore it can endure long-term hunger .

In ancient china, cordyceps was highly recommended as one of the most effective herb for health .C.siensis was first described in Chinese medical text in c.A.D 200. Alater account, c.A.D 1600, compared this bizarre, medicinal caterpillar fungus to ginseng as a tonic. A sweet tonic for lungs and kidneys, and a tranquilizer amp; muscle relaxant controlling cough and having anti bacterial and cancer effect.

Health Care Effect:
• Provides herbal support to the kidneys
• Supports the lungs in conditions like cough, shortness of breath, profuse perspiration and fatigue.
• Anti inflammatory effect
• Enhances immune system
• Supports the body to deal with immune deficient amp; hyper-immune cases.
• Acts as a natural antibiotic agent.
• Supports the body to improve liver function
• Increases physical work capacity by countering fatigue
• Acts as a support system that helps to tolerate the effects of chemotherapy better.
• Makes the skin young amp; beautiful by improving the blood circulation

Used internally for:
• Cough
• Tuberculosis
• Inflammation kidneys
• Condition associated with kidneys weakness (impotence, back pains, night sweats)
• Menopausal problems
• Convalescence
• Naso-pharyngeal cancer
In general, cordyceps is a tonic that helps the body build strength, improves the organic functioning, strengthens the immune system and brings longevity.

Sugested Use: 1-2 capsules / 1-2 times a day with warm water (empty stomach)

Net Weight: 0.5g x 100 capsules

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